Yellow Exploration

This project focused on sensory play exploration with the color yellow. We wanted the children to experience and explore yellow in a different way with their hands and eyes. For this provocation we used yellow food coloring, water, and yellow objects in the water for the children to interact with outside.


Throughout this experience the children would splash and move the water left to right. The toddlers smiled when the water turned yellow as the drops were added. Adding yellow food coloring to the water introduced the toddlers to the science of color mixing. The purpose of this project was for them to use their touch and sense of sight in their explorations.

Exploring the color yellow in a group environment allowed the children to learn and discover from each other. Creating relationships with their peers and teachers helps the children to develop social values as they learn how to react to the positive influences around them. The toddlers communicated to the teachers and their fellow peers through positive gestures that they enjoyed the sensory play. Non-verbal communication plays an important role at this age as children begin to interact with others as part of their learning experience.


This experience gave the toddlers the chance to explore and learn about the color yellow in a new context! Using a prevalent color in a variety of objects reinforces color recognition and establishes multiple connections to the color yellow. This helps the children to understand that the color yellow can be found in different things and places because the world is filled with color!

How do you incorporate color recognition at home? Share your experiences with us!


“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way –things I had no words for.”

-Georgia O’Keefe


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