Viewing The Inside Of A Stem


The school has been partnering with HEB to receive flowers on a weekly basis. All the classes have been incorporating flowers into a nature study and learning through them.

IMG_6037 IMG_6039

For this provocation the children did a science experiment using the microscope! The stem sliced open from the flower and put it under the microscope to show the children the inner parts of the plant and how it functions.

IMG_6043 IMG_6048

The children inspected the sample and were asked to describe what they saw. Next they illustrated what the observed .


IMG_6045 IMG_6040

Some terms used to describe what they saw when taking a closer look of the inside of the stem:

  • bubbles
  • lines
  • ninjas
  • cloud
  • ovals
  • stem
  • green
  • black

The teachers observed the children’s drawings were very accurate and similar to the image viewed under the microscope. They were able to identify each marking and retain the information and transfer it onto paper.

Parents,feel free to stop by the classroom ┬áto view your child’s work for this project.


By: Radin


By: Abigail


By: Bella


By: Ronin

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