Using Natural Materials at the Light Table

The children were presented with play dough and leaves at the light table as a provocation.


Some began by concentrating on building, and adding leaves into the play dough. The stems were too soft to easily stick into the play dough. This required the children to have great concentration and find a way to stick the leaves straight into the play dough.

IMG_5535 IMG_5538

Another set of children compared big and small objects. Together the children and teachers counted and compared small and big leaves and play dough “balls” and “snakes”.

IMG_5539 IMG_5543 IMG_5546

One child showed the group how to roll a snake and the teacher would ask, “where is the small snake?” and the child would hold up a little “snake” ┬ávery proud! He did the same with the big “snake” big ball, small ball, etc.
The children also worked on rolling snakes, pulling and pushing the play dough together.

Allowing children to engage in play dough activity has many benefits to it:

1.)Fine motor skill development

2.)Calming and therapeutic

3.)Creativity and imagination

4.)Develops hand eye coordination

5.) Social Skills

6.)Literacy and Numeracy development

7.) Promotes Play

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