Tomato Study

The Following describes our Food as a Language study this week. We introduced tomatoes! The children look forward to our weekly experience with food. Our main question of focus was…


“What is a tomato?”

Lucas “it’s made out of ketchup”

Nalani “when you cut them, tomato sauce comes out.”

20150313_152736David “If you put it in a bottle it’s going to spread everywhere.”

Peaches “the tomatoes are squirty.”

To incorporate fine motor skills and have our children grow up feeling comfortable in the kitchen, we gave them plastic knives to cut the tomatoes. Most of the children cut the tomatoes without any challenges while a few had to overcome the challenge of the tomatoes slipping. They discovered how to apply pressure on the knife in order to cut the tomato. Sometimes the applied pressure to the tomato caused the juice to squirt out! This was a great opportunity to discuss emotion, being that it upset one of our children. J The children also noticed how inside the tomatoes there are “tiny seeds”, and after cutting the tomatoes open and finding the seeds some of the children began counting the seeds. This math opportunity allowed for our children to reinforce their counting skills.


Next we placed beautiful tomatoes on the vines at a table for the children to create an observational drawing. The children used green, red, and orange chalk pastels for their creation. While doing this the children conversed about the characteristics of a tomato mostly the shape and the color. We discussed the shapes that we found on the tomatoes. Our inquiry ended with a debate on what color the tomato was. Half of the class said tomatoes are orange, while the other half said tomatoes are red. This will be our next provocation in our tomato study.

Learning benefits:  Language development, social skills, Cognitive development, Fine motor skills, math skills, Recognizing and writing TOMATO, art experience through chalk pastels, Science skills- observation.

To view more pictures from this study, please view the link: Tomato Study

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