Toilet Paper Trumpets

The children were given toilet paper rolls, blue and yellow paint, and paintbrushes. They painted the rolls in the morning and let them dry during nap-time. In the afternoon the rolls were collected in a basket and taken outside.



Each child grabbed a toilet paper roll and proceeded to make noises with them. Some kids used them as telescopes while others made music with their mouth by themselves and some sat next to each other to create music.



Using the toilet paper roll as a telescope helped the children to explore and learn about the outdoor environment around them as they focused on certain things.

This provocation also gave the children an opportunity to make their own music and share the experience with each other. The experience opened up dialogue within the children as far as what sounds to make with their rolls. Music is such an important part of education and the earlier we introduce it to children the more they gain out of it. Music sparks creativity in children and it gives them a different outlet to express themselves.





Making music helps the mind and body work together by stimulating thinking and expressive skills. According to Susan Hallam at the University of London, “Speech and music have a number of shared processing systems. Musical experiences which enhance processing can therefore impact on the perception of language which in turn impacts on learning to read.”

As they made sounds the children were engaging their brain, which energizes their neural pathways connected with higher forms of intelligence including abstract thought and empathy. Creating sounds with others allows the children to learn how to work with others in a positive and healthy educational environment!


“Education is the kindling of a flame. Not the filling of a vessel.”



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