Inspiration in a Day

We view the school as a living organism therefore providing the children with materials in an arrangement of structures, objects and activities that encourage choices, problem solving, and discoveries in the process of learning.  As the children explore these materials in the class, they are encouraged to portray their understanding through one of many symbolic languages, including drawing and writing. On this day we have documented the childrens’ experiences with some of the materials.

We have been providing the children with various materials to help with fine motor skills, but at the same time encouraging them to count and talk about colors and shapes.  We had transparent circles of different colors along with pipe cleaners.  The children began threading the pipe cleaners through the circles…..

The children were very particular about what color pipe cleaner they wanted as well as what colors would go on the pipe cleaner. ;o)  At one point, some of the children began using the cars to go around the table.  Jack talked with excitement about the yellow and blue car.  We provided him with paper to help elaborate on his story.  Before we knew it, most of the chidlren were joining him in drawing.  They drew individually and as partners, they even drew ON the cars and planes! :0)  We are encouraging the children to write, recognize their names, and write their names.  When they are done with their pictures, we turn them to the back, spell their names outloud and show the children how it is written.  They inturn do the same ;0)  One child took off her purple shoe and started picking out the materials that were purple from the table.  She used the glue and started to make her “purple collage”!  She would have glued her shoe if she had enough glue ;0)

She spent time overlapping the blue and the red circle discovering that purple was made!  She was carefull to place the two on top of each other to create purple when she glued it on the paper.  And here we have the finished purple collage!  She spent time trying to cut the pipe cleaners, and instead moved to paper when she couldn’t get that to work.  The other children follwed her lead and started to use the glue as well.  During these times, we were given so many opportunities to ask the children questions like:

“What color are you using?”  “How many do you have?”  “What shape is that piece?”

The end result may be a piece of paper with a few things glued on it, but so much more went on WHILE the children were creating it.   

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