Learning Concepts through Building

The children certainly appreciate their building areas in the classroom. In one day they can create so many structures and anything that their imagination allows them to create. The main concept they can learn is math. It is also an amazing way to gain social and physical development and not to mention it enhances their creativity. The teacher in this classroom has observed some of the amazing structures the children have recently created. This child in the photos below carried on with his own project for two days. He began at the lego table the first day and created a structure that he held in the air while making flying noises. The next day he continued to have the need to build some sort of air craft. He continued this interest using the blocks that are different shapes and colors. When the teacher asked him what he had made he jumped up and down smiling saying, “plane!” It was obvious that he felt proud and successful in what he had created.

  This child was learning concepts like space, order, and, measuring, as he continued to try and fill the whole top of a shelf with blocks. He would measure how much space he had left until they began to fall off. After practicing he finally figured out a way to put them in a order to where they could all fit and not fall off.   She practiced concepts such as height, balance, and cause and effect. Determined to stack the blocks as high as possible she kept trying to figure out which shape could sit on top of the other so that they could stay balanced. She learned about cause and effect while as she build her structure it continued to fall if she would tip it to hard. She said this was a tower.  After she was done building the teacher encouraged her to count how many blocks she had used. She then saw a calculator and made the connection between the numbers of blocks to the numbers on the calculators keypad.  This is a structure another child built. She was very proud when had finished it. She jumped and giggled while she gazed at her success.  This is yet another structure another child built. He said this was a choo choo train.  These two worked together while making their structure. They practiced cooperation and compromise to share the blocks.  He also said he was making a train.

Every material we put in our classrooms provides our children with an opportunity to create, explore, and discover.  Blocks are provided in every classroom in our school.  We have even dedicated an area in the hallway to construction because of all of the benefits it provides children.  Parents may look at blocks as just toys, but the truth is that they are truly excellent for children’s growth in many categories.

 Blocks help with:

language skills as they describe what they are building

Math as they count their blocks, determine what size they need, measuring, comparing, and patterns

colors and shapes as we talk about what shapes and colors they used

cause and effect

eye-hand coordination and physical hand strength

but most importantly – CREATIVITY- as they explore while they are constructing, and create structures that are one of a kind

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