The children absolutely enjoy bubbles. When the enclosed area in the classroom had bubble wrap taped to the floor the children called it bubbles. So there started the exploration of bubbles! Although there wasn’t really any actual bubbles in that area the teacher took their enthusiasm of the bubbles and expanded it. The next day after hearing the children talk so much about bubbles there was a big image of bubbles on one of the classroom walls from the projector. The children were ecstatic when they saw this image! They began to jump and shout “bubbles!” A white sheet of paper was taped on the wall for them and they were encouraged to draw bubbles. They of course made the connection that bubbles looked like circles. So why stop there!? The same afternoon when the children went out to play the children were supplied with bubble solution and the tools necessary to blow bubbles. The children were very excited with what they saw and were very eager to begin blowing bubbles.   


 He decided to explore the stick used to blow the bubbles. He put his fingers through the wholes of it while experiencing the feel of the bubble solution.

These girls decided to use teamwork in trying to blow there bubbles. One of them held the stick while the other blew as hard as she could to make some bubbles appear.

She then wanted to catch her bubbles with the stick.

The beauty in this project is that the children chose the subject for the activities.  When they have the opportunity to share in the curriculum, there is a deeper learning that takes place.  They are interested, and this interest is what drives the children to have a LOVE for what they are learning.   The excitement that came from bubbles was involved in every part of their day.  We counted bubbles, we talked about the shape of bubbles, we drew bubbles, and we explored blowing bubbles on our own.

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