The Meaning of Scribbles

One week in class we set our paper and markers as our literacy provocation. Our goal was to observe the scribbles of each of our students. There are 20 different stages of scribbles that lead our children right into characters: drawings, numbers, and letters.

As you can see from the picture each student’s scribbles look different. Many may think very little of our children’s lines on a piece of paper but here at Little Wonders we celebrate and cherish them for not only its creative value but educational purposes. Using a marker to draw allows the children to practice their fine motor skills and also shows their influence of gesture and movement by gripping the marker. The color choice, arrangement on the page and fluidity of the scribble reflect the children’s inner worlds and their unique points of view. Each child’s scribbles look different, illustrating each child’s individual, creative, and intelligent minds.

Photo Apr 15, 1 50 10 PM

From our observation here in the rainbow room, our students are between stages 1 through 15 within the 20 scribble classification ranging from dots to spiral lines. We are very impressed with their work and will continue to observe their scribbles and track their individual improvement.

“Every artist was once an amateur.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Reference – “Analyzing Children’s Art”  By: Rhoda Kellog

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