Tent + Story Time

“When students feel safe and supported, they are truly ready and able to learn.”
-Laura Weaver and Mark Wilding

Children in our school LOVE to read.  Each and every class has story time more than one time a day, and it is because of this love that we have begun a rotation where children share five books from their home each week.  Their love has also inspired a library in the School of Wonders, next door.

Our observations of this class has helped us see that children want to find cozy corners to read, so naturally we each created our own tents to read in. (Who doesn’t love reading in their own nook?)

Together, we made the tents using different fabrics, which allowed for a sensory experience and discussion on fabrics, the difference between soft and rough, static electricity, and more. Some of the children studied the tents, trying to figure out how we put the tent together, while others simply enjoyed the new additions to our classroom.

Shortly after, we received a generous donation of books from one of the parents covering all topics, from emergency vehicles to friendly fish. The children loved to snuggle up in their cozy tent and dive into a book!

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This experience is something that parents could easily do at home and this is also a great opportunity for parents to learn with their children and further the knowledge of what we did in class.  It helps to carry over what we did in school and help foster a love for reading.  What’s the best way to do this? You could build your own fabric tent at home, buy an actual tent and set it up in the living room or backyard.  The main objective is to create a special moment with your child while reading! When parents talk about the pictures, label objects on the page, and describe what they see in books, they are promoting the child’s language development.

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