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Identifying Colors

This age group is working on identifying colors. Each day in our art area, we provide the children with paint to experience color transformation and loose parts. As they create and gain knowledge from their experiences, we’re able to incorporate math, spelling, writing, and more.

Science and math are at the heart of color transformation. How much of what color to add, volume, primary and secondary colors, are just some of the topics covered while the children engage in these activities.

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What a restaurant needs

 Our students began a project on starting a restaurant that emerged from the dress up area.  Click on the link below to recall how it all began…


Since creating this menu, the students have shared many thoughts and ideas of what they would like to do and create to carry on this project… Continue reading

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Enhancing our Vocabulary & Measuring Snakes


The block area will always be an area where the boys love to be and imagine many different things. As they spoke about angry birds hiding from ninjas and killing one another we thought it would be great to enhance and expand their vocabulary while they spoke about all this action going on and learn to use positive words.

As we try to expand their vocabulary we are having them explain, describe, define, ask, compare and contrast, respond, etc. In order to accomplish these skills, children need meaningful, engaging, hands-on opportunities to build an expressive vocabulary to both describe and tell the use of many familiar objects to incorporate new, less familiar or technical words in everyday conversations. Continue reading

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Little Firemen


Pretend play is a great way for children to express their creativity while also sharing their emotions and memories. Through pretend play, children act out what they’ve learned, what they’re curious about, or they’re simply exploring through imagination. This provides them to think through abstract and realistic situations, and helps them improve their problem solving-skills as well as social skills.

The children were all lining up chairs in the dress up area. The child in the very first chair was wearing a fireman hat, and all of the children were yelling, “We’re going to the fire house, where the fire fighters are!” The children talking to one another while they were ‘driving’ their ‘fire truck’…. ;-P Continue reading

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Cars,Houses, & Trees

As the weeks go by, our City project continues to grow in many different ways…

Each day the children go out into the hallway and talk about the things they have already created and what more needs to be added to make this city complete!

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