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Sand and Water and Texture Bags


Sensory play is essential in our everyday activities in school! Sensory play encourages the brain development in the infants and helps them to make sense of the world we live in. One day, we provided the children with a sand bin. There were shells and other materials in the bin to serve as a provocation. We provided them a time period to use dry sand, and then after a while, we added water to give the sand a different texture.

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Star Room Update

The infants are understanding more and more about the world they live in every day. We provide many sensory experiences throughout the day to allow the children to explore and develop their senses. Materials play a huge role in this stage of development, so we value the importance of materials in the classroom.  They should be interesting, provoke curiosity, and be open-ended. This past week was a true sensory exploration for the infants. They explored with touch, sight, smell, and a variety of textures along the way. Continue reading

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Pineapple Study

Recently we studied pineapples. This study began while we were exploring golden beets. We set up the pineapples at the light table so that the children could observe and explore. What came from this simple setup was interesting and unique. The children were given black sharpies and white paper to create the pineapple fruit. While the children were exploring and creating they noticed the shapes and patterns on the outside of the pineapple. The children debated about the small leaves on the outside of it. Some of the children believed they were spots while others believed they were stripes. Continue reading

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Grapefruit’s Not Just for Eating

This project focused on exploring with grapefruit in a unique way, since all the children know that grapefruit is meant to be eaten and not to be played with. Continue reading

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Sensory Exploration + Bubble Wrap

Sensory exploration is a toddler’s way of examining, discovering, categorizing and making sense of the world. The toddlers in the rainbow room used paint for a sensory exploration with bubble wrap. We provided the children bubble wrap with blue and yellow paint. Continue reading

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