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Unstructured Light Board Play

Recently we set up a provocation for our young toddlers on the light board. Our goal was to present the toddlers with an opportunity to learn about colors, light and color, and shapes through hands-on and unstructured play on the light board. The children enjoyed playing with the different shapes, feeling the differences between the varying weight and texture of the objects, and it was a wonderful visual experience!

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Doodling with Chalk

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 5.21.38 PM

Something we take very seriously is the scribbles that our children make. They are not “meaningless.” There is purpose behind the marks the children make and by analyzing them, we can understand their first “alphabet.” Their scribbles start as dots and lines and have slowly advanced into shapes. Continue reading

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We’ve kicked off Summer 2013 with a little creative writing. The first thing the kids do in the mornings now is a creative writing piece. While each sample varies, the children are required to include three things in their story, and each day those three requirements are different.

This activity is at the core of the Reggio Emilia approach. It allows the kids to have some control over the direction of their learning, it allows children to learn through touching, moving, listening, seeing and hearing, and it encourages a relationship with other children during the collaborative learning and creating process. Continue reading

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Using our Wood Working Skills

One of the new areas added in our room was a wood working area. The boys instantly wanted to go there after seeing the materials that were provided….


Before picking up some nails and a hammer, we went over some safety rules about how to use a hammer!

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Learning Concepts through Building

The children certainly appreciate their building areas in the classroom. In one day they can create so many structures and anything that their imagination allows them to create. The main concept they can learn is math. It is also an amazing way to gain social and physical development and not to mention it enhances their creativity. The teacher in this classroom has observed some of the amazing structures the children have recently created. This child in the photos below carried on with his own project for two days. He began at the lego table the first day and created a structure that he held in the air while making flying noises. The next day he continued to have the need to build some sort of air craft. He continued this interest using the blocks that are different shapes and colors. When the teacher asked him what he had made he jumped up and down smiling saying, “plane!” It was obvious that he felt proud and successful in what he had created.

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