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One day when the Toddler two class was visiting the atelier, one child made a snowman out of clay. This simple snowman sparked an entire activity based on various shades of blue, silver and white paint. We provided the children with tiles, q-tips, and shades of blue, white and silver paint. They were free to explore on the tile and express their knowledge of snowmen. We placed the original clay snowman in the middle of the table as inspiration. 

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Painting Leaves

The children participated in an art activity this week by making a fall masterpiece using leaves. The project started by their utter fascination with the leaves outside on the trees, so we encouraged them to express their knowledge and interest in leaves in a multiple ways, one of which through this activity!

We gave the children large leaves and set up an area for them to paint with various warm, fall colored-paint and a variety of paintbrushes, and some paper baking cups. We actually weren’t sure what they were going to do with the materials, for examples: use the leaves to paint, paint on the leaves, use the cups to paint, paint on the cups, use the cups to hold the paint, use the leaves to hold the paint, etc.

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Papaya and Broccoli

For our Friday food exploration activity with the infant class, the children explored and experimented with Papaya and Broccoli! They loved the sweet taste of the papaya and thoroughly enjoyed digging their hands and fingernails inside the middle of the fruit and playing with the dark colored seeds.

The broccoli was an entirely different sensory experience for them. The infants stared intently at the broccoli trees at first, and eventually began nibbling on the bushy green top. It was interesting to observe the children rub the smooth papaya over their gums and then gently nibble the textured broccoli. 

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Carrots,Tomatoes, & Apples

Earlier in the week, we requested that the students bring in carrots, apples, and tomatoes to further our study on fruits and vegetables. One day in class, we cut the carrots, apples, and tomatoes in many different ways and placed them on the light board. Our goal with this activity was to encourage the students to investigate and question the qualities of these fruits and vegetable. 

The questions the children asked are as follows:

“Do carrots contain seeds?”
“Do apples have seeds?”
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Lavender, coffee, and sugar, oh my!

One day in our preschool class, the children noticed the smell of a lavender plant. Instinctively they questioned the plant, probed it for the scent, discussed the color, discussed the word lavender and it’s relation to smell and color, and discussed gardening in relation to the plant. 

The next day we made lavender play dough and the children used the lavender play dough for the next two days. Our goal with this project was to listen and have them describe what the smell of lavender made them think of (creating connections and retelling).

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