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Bearded Dragon Crickets

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We recently completed a cricket investigation with the Preschool class. One day, the teachers had an idea to ordered Bearded Dragon Crickets in the mail to add another dimension to our study on dragons. Once the crickets arrived, the children had an opportunity to observe the crickets eat. After discussing what was happening, how the crickets ate, how they’re related to dragons, why they’re named this name, and what kind of teeth crickets have, the children began drawing the crickets. Continue reading

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Learning From our Friends

Two classmates created this beautiful collaborative art piece. As the two friends painted, one of the children would count every brushstroke he made while the other child would repeat every word he said. After the first child counted to the number 15, he started singing his ABC’s. Again, the second child started repeating the first. With the teachers working together with them, they worked their way through the entire alphabet and started counting all over again! This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to work together to each a friend and to reinforce their own knowledge. The second child had the opportunity to be taught by his friend and he enjoyed every part of it! Continue reading

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Pineapple Project

One of the students recently brought a pineapple to class! The pineapple was a massive chunk of fruit and it immediately captured the children’s attention. Based on their interests, we developed an activity around the pineapple!

To give each child a chance to explore the fruit, we set the pineapple in the middle of the table and we all took a seat around the table.  From there, the children discussed what a pineapple looks like, how it tastes, the size, the texture, where it grows and how it grows. From this, the children began debating on the topic of where pineapples grow. Continue reading

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Pumpkin Seeds

One of the parents brought pumpkin to class one day and the children loved it! They became fascinated with the seeds and what else is inside a pumpkin. To feed off this fascination and encourage their curiosity, we cut the pumpkin open and found many seeds and some gooey “orange stuff.” One of the children informed her friend that this was called the “guts.”

After observing and feeling the mush, we collected all of the seeds and saved them in a bowl. The pumpkin we cut open was rather small, so the children wanted to count how many seeds were in the pumpkin. While counting the seeds, the children discussed what we could make with pumpkin seeds. This sparked a discussion on pumpkin pie and the ingredients used to make it! 

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 3.57.44 PM Continue reading

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Legend of Dragon Fruit Part 3

This activity is a continuation on the Legends of Dragon Fruit project we started with the Pre-K class. To see how this project began, click here.

One day we placed seaweed and kiwi on the light table next to each other. Our goal was to provoke the children into investigating their previous theory that kiwi comes from seaweed. The children observed the seaweed and kiwi closely for several minutes. Then, they began drawing images on how a kiwi grows in order to represent their thoughts and theories in a different way. (Meaning, instead of just talking about their ideas, we wanted them to visually communicate their ideas so they could deepen their understanding of the concept). Continue reading

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