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Unstructured Light Board Play

Recently we set up a provocation for our young toddlers on the light board. Our goal was to present the toddlers with an opportunity to learn about colors, light and color, and shapes through hands-on and unstructured play on the light board. The children enjoyed playing with the different shapes, feeling the differences between the varying weight and texture of the objects, and it was a wonderful visual experience!

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Observing a Turtle

Our school uses animals as a hands-on way of observing life and understanding how to care for these animals.  We rotate classes and allow each class to participate in feeding the fish, lizards, birds, and turtles each week. On this day the Toddler 1 class observed our turtles. Their eyes were zoned in on the creatures and the children were absolutely captivated by what was going on right in front of them! While observing, the children help feed the animals and touch them if applicable. We love using animals as learning opportunities! While this was happening, we observed the children observing the turtles and encouraged them to talk about what they were seeing and to come closer to the reptile.

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The Winter Festival

The Winter Festival
A Celebration of the Holidays and Our International Heritage

We appreciate your support of our Winter Festival! The weeks leading up to this event saw the children working hard to sustain the dialogue on the importance of family, to contribute their creative efforts to a school-wide project, and to advance their understanding of the holiday season. We’ve built the theme of the festival around the concept of family; namely, how family gives our life so much meaning.

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Inside a Pumpkin

To begin our exploration of fall foods and colors, the teachers set up a pumpkin for the infants to explore! First, the teachers placed the pumpkin in the center of the room for the children to touch and investigate. The infants were immediately intrigued and loved the shape and color of the giant fruit. Only one child was hesitant at first and stayed away, but after awhile the child started to come around and slowly explore the pumpkin.

In order to continue the exploration and increase intrigue, the next day the teacher cut the top of the pumpkin open so the children could feel the texture inside. The children absolutely loved the gooey mess and sticking their hands inside the fruit to feel the web-like texture. They were clapping their hands together and laughing at the squishy mess. Some of the children even enjoyed putting the top of the pumpkin back on and it often fell inside the pumpkin because the children kept pushing it in.

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Exploring Mangos

To continue on our food exploration, we gave the children Mango’s in their whole, cut, and bite-sized form. A book titled, “The Languages of Food”, originally inspired this activity. The goal with these food exploration activities is to allow children to expand their horizons and become comfortable with food in their whole and sliced form. Not many children have the opportunity to experience a mango in its whole form (or pineapples, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more.) The children have learned so much about these different foods concerning their texture, scent, taste, colors, seeds, and juices! (We attached some blogs below to link you to other posts we’ve written on this same study.) This allows for a wonderful sensory experience because the children are able to acquire knowledge of the world (and of food) through hands-on experience, not by memorizing or being taught, and it opens the door for children to understand food, where it comes from, and be willing to taste many things.

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