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The Wonders of Play Dough

On this particular day we put out circular tape rolls, square tile pieces, sticks, and seashells.  We observed the children trying to manipulate the big piece of play dough through the circular tape rolls by placing the play dough inside the circular tape rolls. In doing this, the children demonstrated their understanding of spatial awareness while playing with a variety of materials.

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The Power of Pretending

The Little Wonders Pre-School class used loose parts like stumps, play dough, and branches to create a dinosaur habitat. In doing so, this sparked the students’ imagination to act out the lives of dinosaurs by explaining what they ate, where they lived, and what the dinosaurs did through out the day.

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Visual Sensory Play

One day we laminated different loose parts (like glitter and tissue paper) and placed them on the overhead projector to serve as a provocation. The children loved this! They compared the actual image to the image projected and became fascinated with their shadows.

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To continue the infant’s study of food and food exploration, they played with carrots last week! The infants particularly enjoyed the green leafy parts and loved shaking it the carrot back and forth in their hands. The children were curious about the contrasting textures and colors of found in the carrot and enjoyed nibbling on the vegetable.

In the photos below, you can see them grasping onto the leafy green stem, gnawing on the end of the carrot, and having fun playing with the vegetable!

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Making art with Cars

One day in the art room, one child was playing with a toy car and began “driving” the car through the paint. Soon after, the rest of the class followed his lead and began “driving” their toy cars through the paint as well. The result was a beautiful collaborative art piece with vertical tracks across the page.

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