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Learning through Sensory Experiences

The children are learning colors, numbers, letters, etc……..

however, we choose to make the experience of learning a whole body experience by inviting them to different areas of the room to experience these subjects in a different way.  While we are reinforcing our knowledge of colors, the room is set up in a way to promote the children to distinguish the different colors as they are working. Continue reading

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Exploring with Ice

The weather has been so hot lately, that we thought we would incorporate a long investigation of ICE!  We have provided the children with ice in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

We engage in conversation while they explore to help the children understand concepts with the ice. Continue reading

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Story Time and Apple Cupcakes





We’ve been reading a lot! The children enjoy looking at the pictures of books and talking to their friends about the books they are looking at. They like to look at the pictures and come up with a story all on their own! Some children can even remember the stories after they have listened to their teachers read them, they recite the stories to the class.  We are now letting the children read a book to the class during story time after the teachers read one. Continue reading

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Colorful Rice

Sensory play gives children an incredible opportunity to develop.  When possible, we allow the children to help prepare the sensory materials.  This project allowed the children to dye rice so that our class and the younger toddlers can use this rice for sensory play.  The children worked on fine motor skills, color recognition, language and social development while coloring the rice.  This was a great opportunity for them to measure, talk about colors, and work as a team.  Continue reading

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