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Edible Leaf Project

We’ve been exploring how some leaves are edible and some leaves aren’t edible. The children are learning how to tell which leaves you can and cannot eat, the names of the ones we can eat, the health factor, taste, color, texture, and more!

In order to express our knowledge in different ways, we made a kale smoothie for our weekly recipe. Parents brought in leaves we can eat (like spinach, kale, yam leaves) and leaves we can’t digest (like vines and leaves from house plants).

In the beginning, we placed all of the leaves on the light table to observe the leaves themselves and then to compare them to each other. Continue reading

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Red Paint

The children enjoy painting in general, and they seem to be especially creative when we move the activity outdoors. It seems to give them a unique energy from what they usually experience when painting in the classroom. They explored painting using brushes and their hands, which provided for a wonderful sensory experience.

When we went outside, the children automatically went to the paintbrushes, felt the bristles in their hands, examined the bowls filled with the red paint, and surveyed the entire set-up. They explored the relationship between the brush and paint, and the paint and surface. Children began painting on the paper we laid down, themselves, and each other! Occasionally a child would look up at one of us as if to say, “Is this okay?” as they used their hands to paint instead of the brushes.

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Pretend Kitchen Play

The children have been exploring in the kitchen area and carrying the materials to different areas of the room. When children play in the kitchen, it allows them to learn to count, indulge in their sense of smell, touch and taste, learn about proportions and are introduced to a variety of shades within one color. Pretend play has a major benefit to social, emotional, and mental development in children and leads to increased communication skills. Children are allowed to be whoever they want to be in pretend play.

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Juicing Oranges and Limes

Last week we had some extra time to explore limes in class, so the teacher’s placed a juicer on the table to encourage the children to juice oranges and limes. The children absolutely loved it!

The children were so excited to squeeze the fruits in their hands, see the juice run down the inside of the juicer, and then taste the remaining skins from the fruit. This was a wonderful experience for them because they were able to do the juicing themselves and experience what it was like to prepare a meal or snack on their own. They were all familiar with orange juice, but this allowed the children to experience the process of preparing it themselves. During this activity, we discussed color, taste, and the names of the fruit. It was a complete sensory experience that allowed the children to taste the difference between the sweet and sour juices. Continue reading

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Paper play

Earlier last week we set up a provocation in the Toddler 2 room. We placed strips of paper with certain letters and numbers on them and strips of blank pieces of paper. We came to realize that the children are really advancing with their scribbles and the meaning behind them. In other terms, it’s like hieroglyphics in toddler form.

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