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Food Exploration

Continuing on our activity we started earlier this summer, the teachers give the infants different types of food every Friday to allow them to explore and engage in sensory play. This past Friday, the infants were given the opportunity to investigate cantaloupe, cucumbers, and potatoes!

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Pumpkin Butter

We recently took a field trip to the grocery store with a small group of our elementary students. The mission was to gain experience navigating the different sections of the store, read price differences, read the ingredients and specifics of product labels, observe the employees conducting different tasks, and to draw the students’ attention to the variety of seasonal products available to connect those items with the greater theme of the shifting season.

Once we arrived at Whole Foods, the students were immediately drawn to the large collection of pumpkins the store arranged as a seasonal special. Reflecting upon their interests, we purchased a pumpkin with intentions to make pumpkin butter with a recipe provided by Whole Foods. Together, we found the remaining ingredients, purchased the products, and headed back to school to join their classmates. Continue reading

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Acrylic and Water Color Painting

“The more often a child was provided the oppor­tunity to mark or scribble, the more a child engaged in draw­ing and the more complex was the child’s drawing behavior. This was found in those studies where participants were pro­vided considerable time within any one drawing episode and where drawing episodes occurred frequently over time.” 

Every day in our Toddler 2 Class we have a table set up with various painting opportunities and children are able to approach it as they please. We give children the opportunity to paint with both acrylic paints and watercolors. In addition, we make it a point to include primary colors and black and white so the children can experiment with shades, tints, and color transformation.

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Fall colors

Since October has arrived and the cool weather has made a wonderful return, we are furthering our exploration of colors, textures, and natural materials with the infant classroom. In this activity, we studied fall colors, including deep blues, rich reds, dark purples and burnt oranges. The infants experimented with these colors through finger painting what resulted was a wonderfully cute and enriching experience for them (and us)! We added a few images below of some of their masterpieces. :)

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Clay Play Project

The children were given two types of materials so we could see what they would do with it. Our goal was to have them feel and play with the materials and explore how they could manipulate it. The children began to experiment with the clay and tried many different things, testing their hypothesis and enjoying the process along the way. Their initial experiment was to taste the clay (something natural for children of this age) however we demonstrated how they could form and manipulate the clay with their hands. One child accidentally dropped the clay and became fascinated that once the clay hit the floor, it became flat. Continue reading

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