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Exploring Motion with Paint and Trains

Recently, the children have been exploring the motion of trains. We set out a long sheet of butcher paper and dabs of tempera paint on the sides. Leaving the trains in the middle, each child grabbed a train dipped in the paint and started going around the table in a path.

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Observing The Weather


The children love to play outside when it’s hot, cold, windy, or raining!  And they love to take the time and notice the sunshine, or the rain and they enjoy looking for the sun, or stomping in puddles. The children’s observation skills are important to their learning abilities and it expands their concentration skills, as well as their cognitive skills.

One morning, the children went outside to play. It was a foggy morning, and the sun was no where to be seen. A group of children were running around in circles, looking up at the sky… Continue reading

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Observing our Bearded Dragons

Our friends here at Little Wonders Learning Center, Ninjago and Silly Putty have grown soooo much since we first received them!

Coach Chip who helps us take care of them brought our little friends into the room so we were able to observe them move around and eat….












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Starfish Investigation

Our saltwater aquarium has added many new experiences for the students at our school.  They have watched the creation of a healthy saltwater environment, contributed to the tank by adding various organisms, watched as fish thrive, and have also observe some of their deaths.  Regardless of the experience, the students always take something away from their encounters with the animals in the tank.  In this case, the students watched as one of their starfish died.  They had a number of questions.  So they set out to find answers.  Continue reading

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