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Sand and Water and Texture Bags


Sensory play is essential in our everyday activities in school! Sensory play encourages the brain development in the infants and helps them to make sense of the world we live in. One day, we provided the children with a sand bin. There were shells and other materials in the bin to serve as a provocation. We provided them a time period to use dry sand, and then after a while, we added water to give the sand a different texture.

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Outdoor Beach

In their exploration of sea shells with the children, the teachers created a beach themed provocation that included a colorful canopy, sand, water, plants, wood and lots of sea shells! For this activity the teachers wanted the children to experience exploring with sea shells in a fun way that many of us are familiar in doing so-by the beach! Continue reading

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Preschool Sand Play


The common area in our main entrance is now used as a classroom.  We set up a provocation of natural elements including leaves, flower petals, sticks, stems, blades of grass and more. The children immediately began to play using the elements, setting the materials in the sand, burying some, creating structures out of others, and “cooking” (something we often do in the playground using similar materials). Continue reading

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Exploring Flour and Baby Oil

Today, we introduced the kids to flour and baby oil. It has a nice silky texture that is  inviting for the children to explore with their hands and smells great too!

First we had to get our hands dirty!

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