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We asked the children if they knew a place where they could find a lot of ice. We prompted the conversation by asking if we could find ice outside. They were so eager to tell us where we could find ice, and outside was definitely one of them!

Some quotes from the discussion include:

  • “Mommy is going to grab ice from the water”
  • “The ice at the beach is going to melt”
  • “We can find ice in the snow”
  • “Ice makes water really cold”


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Color Mixing

The children have been mixing paint to create new colors. Every morning we make new paint for our easels and during this time the children often ask us what colors we can mix to make different colors. Given their increased interest in colors and mixing colors, we took this opportunity to encourage the children to explore the art of color mixing!

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Star Room Update

The infants are understanding more and more about the world they live in every day. We provide many sensory experiences throughout the day to allow the children to explore and develop their senses. Materials play a huge role in this stage of development, so we value the importance of materials in the classroom.  They should be interesting, provoke curiosity, and be open-ended. This past week was a true sensory exploration for the infants. They explored with touch, sight, smell, and a variety of textures along the way. Continue reading

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Making Patterns

The ability to identify “what comes next” in the rhythm of a song, a group of numbers or a daily routine is rooted in the understanding of patterns. Learning how to predict or create a pattern is an important tool that helps allow individuals to makes sense of the world around them.

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Shadow Box

Recently the children have been studying and learning about the plant cycle and its structure through hands on experience exploring different parts of the plants and observing the cycle of plant life. Continue reading

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