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Mixing Color with Cars

The children love to use cars, imitate the different sounds of cars, and speak about cars.  We set up a provocation for them with cars. It provided them with paint in primary colors, cars, and a round table with butcher paper to see what they would do. With a Reggio Emilia based curriculum, the learning experience is not organized the same way as a traditional teacher-led classroom where the teacher plans activities ahead of time. The Reggio learning environment is designed in such fashion that the curriculum is developed through the children’s interests.  The expressive arts are heavily integrated into the program to demonstrate cognitive, social, and language development. In this provocation we observed the children’s interest in cars, which led us to pursue their inquiries further by incorporating loose parts materials such as primary colors and paper with the cars. Continue reading

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Visual Sensory Play

One day we laminated different loose parts (like glitter and tissue paper) and placed them on the overhead projector to serve as a provocation. The children loved this! They compared the actual image to the image projected and became fascinated with their shadows.

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Bearded Dragon Crickets

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 2.11.17 PM

We recently completed a cricket investigation with the Preschool class. One day, the teachers had an idea to ordered Bearded Dragon Crickets in the mail to add another dimension to our study on dragons. Once the crickets arrived, the children had an opportunity to observe the crickets eat. After discussing what was happening, how the crickets ate, how they’re related to dragons, why they’re named this name, and what kind of teeth crickets have, the children began drawing the crickets. Continue reading

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Cooking with Carrots and Fine Motor Skills

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 3.32.37 PM

We’ve been working with the Toddler 2 class on developing their fine motor skills by cooking! The children have been practicing cutting, spreading butter on sweet potatoes, and cooking carrots. Below is a video of the children working on these skills and developing their fine motor skills. It’s amazing to see their patience and concentration when wrapping thing fingers around a knife and carrot. It looks like some of us are ready for culinary school! Continue reading

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Lavender, coffee, and sugar, oh my!

One day in our preschool class, the children noticed the smell of a lavender plant. Instinctively they questioned the plant, probed it for the scent, discussed the color, discussed the word lavender and it’s relation to smell and color, and discussed gardening in relation to the plant. 

The next day we made lavender play dough and the children used the lavender play dough for the next two days. Our goal with this project was to listen and have them describe what the smell of lavender made them think of (creating connections and retelling).

image copy 2 Continue reading

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