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Play dough Cooking

This week our children have taken it upon themselves to start baking “cupcakes” and “cookies” for a tea party. They are always delighted to play tea party and have been using our tea set every day, working together to help each other create cupcakes to share with the class. You can see in the photos that the children used several kitchen utensils and play dough to create their “tasty treats” for the tea party:

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Rosemary Play Dough

Last week, the children were introduced to sensory bottles which, in this case, were bottles filled with herbs and spices like cinnamon and rosemary. Gabby, our Food as a Language atelierista, made the bottles to engage the children’s sense of smell. The experience was a hit, and although the children cannot talk, they spent time smelling and reacting to the array of scents.

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