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In the Castle Room, painting is a staple activity because it serves a variety of way purposes in child development. Through the use of paint, children can express their innermost emotions, convey unique ideas and investigate the concepts of processes and outcomes. It allows them to use their senses of sight and touch to explore color and texture, all while creating aesthetically pleasing works and experiences.

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Thank you to all the families that brought in beets for the class exploration! We used them in a variety of ways throughout the past few weeks.

Using fresh fruit and vegetables in the classroom allows the children to become familiar with all of their characteristics. They become familiar with the names of the fruit/vegetable, they learn how to eat it, how to grow it, as well as concepts that support literacy and mathematics. It’s during this familiarization that picky eaters start expanding their palates and trying different foods.

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Learning From our Friends

Two classmates created this beautiful collaborative art piece. As the two friends painted, one of the children would count every brushstroke he made while the other child would repeat every word he said. After the first child counted to the number 15, he started singing his ABC’s. Again, the second child started repeating the first. With the teachers working together with them, they worked their way through the entire alphabet and started counting all over again! This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to work together to each a friend and to reinforce their own knowledge. The second child had the opportunity to be taught by his friend and he enjoyed every part of it! Continue reading

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City Island Story

There’s a close-knit group of boys in the school and they regularly work and play together. They have such a close bond and really work well together, so we always try to use that to push them to do more. For example: they enjoy spelling, counting, and writing more if they are together rather than doing something on their own. In our eyes, if this how the children prefer to learn (and if they are learning more) then we will always encourage the group participation!

Two boys in the group began constructing Lego boats and were pushing them around the room, dodging furniture and other obstacles on the floor. In order to encourage them to express their knowledge of boats, floating, buoyancy, and construction in another way (or another language, as we say in the Reggio Emilia approach), we gave the boys a piece of paper and some paint and asked them to tell us more about boats. Continue reading

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Painting with Infants


Our Infant room is one of the most relaxing, calming, hectic and exciting rooms in our school (just depends on the time of day, ha!)

The elements of light, transparency and natural materials are strongly valued in our Infant room and observing their natural curiosity at such a young age routinely amazes us. Continue reading

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