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Sand and Water and Texture Bags


Sensory play is essential in our everyday activities in school! Sensory play encourages the brain development in the infants and helps them to make sense of the world we live in. One day, we provided the children with a sand bin. There were shells and other materials in the bin to serve as a provocation. We provided them a time period to use dry sand, and then after a while, we added water to give the sand a different texture.

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Colored Letters


We always find the children sticking their hands in the paint jars because they are so intrigued with the way paint feels on their hands. This week, we followed their lead and provided them with the sensory experience that their actions suggest they have been searching for.

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In the Castle Room, painting is a staple activity because it serves a variety of way purposes in child development. Through the use of paint, children can express their innermost emotions, convey unique ideas and investigate the concepts of processes and outcomes. It allows them to use their senses of sight and touch to explore color and texture, all while creating aesthetically pleasing works and experiences.

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Oak Leaves Exploration

During our outdoor learning/play time, the children have all expressed an interest in interacting with the leaves. In response, we incorporated another provocation into the classroom this week by adding a basket of oak leaves from our outdoor classroom. Bringing the leaves inside allowed the children to take a closer look and engage with nature in a different environment.

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Hand Study

Since we compared the butterfly anatomy to the human anatomy we noticed the children were talking about their hands. To nurture their conversation, we provided the children with markers and covered the table with a large white sheet of paper. We then encouraged the children study the palms of their hands. This was a challenge for the children because while we know the children may look at their hands often, we don’t know if the children have ever noticed the lines on our palms.

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