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Playing with loose parts in the classroom

This week the children had a few new introductions to their third teacher- the room itself. Our approach to learning considers three teachers in the classroom at any given time: the teacher, the child and the environment. Listing “the environment” as a teacher is a core principle in the Reggio Emilia approach and it allows the children to learn from material items in the world and learn from touching, moving, listening, and observing.

The materials in the environment served as a “teacher” for the children one morning. The children were so intent and focused as they used the open-ended materials, defined by Kate from AnEverydayStory.com as “materials that can be transformed,” to investigate and discover. Continue reading

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In the Castle Room, painting is a staple activity because it serves a variety of way purposes in child development. Through the use of paint, children can express their innermost emotions, convey unique ideas and investigate the concepts of processes and outcomes. It allows them to use their senses of sight and touch to explore color and texture, all while creating aesthetically pleasing works and experiences.

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Exploring the Color Red

The children have been exploring different colors and one week the color study was red. In one of their many projects throughout the week with the color Red, the children participated in an art with sound activity. In this activity the children created an art piece at the same time they created sounds. As a result this provocation served as a very creative sensory experience for them. Continue reading

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Yellow Exploration

This project focused on sensory play exploration with the color yellow. We wanted the children to experience and explore yellow in a different way with their hands and eyes. For this provocation we used yellow food coloring, water, and yellow objects in the water for the children to interact with outside.
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Promoting Creativity with Loose Parts

One day we set up a provocation for the children to explore play dough and loose parts on the light table.

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