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Patterns + Peers

We recently had a parent bring in shredded snake skin and we tied this into our hard and soft exploration. The children described the snake skin as soft and bumpy as they took a closer look at the snake skin through a magnifying glass at the light table. This is where they discovered a pattern on the snake’s skin which they identified as line, oval, line oval, etc. This led us to introducing patterns to the children from the snake skin observation. Continue reading

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I Found It!

In order to introduce the children to new vocabulary words and review past vocabulary words, we created a word search.  We wrote all of the vocabulary words and a few other words on butcher paper. On cards we wrote the vocabulary words and gave them to the children. We asked them to match the words on their cards to the words on the butcher paper. Whenever they chose a word that was not on their cards they were asked, “Do those letters look like the letters on your card?” Then the students looked more closely and carefully studied each letter in each word until they found their word. “I found it! I found it!” they’d shout. Later we taped the butcher paper and the cards down on the table and provided the children with markers. The children quickly began tracing and circling the words. Continue reading

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Butterflies + Literacy

One week the students practiced their scribbles on many different occasions with different activities. Day to day we observed their scribbles and their quick improvements. In one provocation we explored butterflies and tied literacy into the exploration. First, the word butterfly was traced onto paper. Then the students painted each letter with watercolor while we explained the writing process of each letter they painted, “The letter ‘M!’ You go up , down , up, down and you’ve made the letter M.”


Photo Apr 15, 10 10 55 AM


As children continue to scribble they become more aware of what they are doing, as the muscles in their hands become stronger their scribbles evolve into shapes. At this stage they are realizing the marks left on the paper are the consequence of the materials they use. They are not only developing hand eye coordination but visual control as well. This experience gave the children the opportunity to discover that the motion of their arms has a correlation to what they see on the paper. This brings joy of realizing a new type of control they have at such a young age.



This experience incorporated literacy through art. Utilizing two different concepts helps the children to learn the basic concepts of writing through art. This will not only benefit the children in the short-term but in the long-term as well. In future explorations they will be able to understand abstract concepts by applying them to concrete topics based from their past experiences in thinking outside of the box.

We are overly excited of the work that has been done with our rainbow Toddler One students. They have improved their scribbles and their characters are falling into place, as they recognize letters themselves. Our goal is to continue to work with these topics to continue strengthening literacy skills.

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” –Mr. Rogers

References/additional reading:

Early Writing and Scribbling 

Importance of Scribbling to Childhood 


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Shaving Cream + Sensory Play

During the toddlers’ outdoor playtime the class explored shaving cream. We set out tables and let them explore with the material. The children were hesitant at first to touch the gel and soon figured that if they did touch and play with it, it would turn to a foam substance. After realizing this, the children ended up writing with their finger tips in the shaving cream, sang their ABC’s and some even drew pictures. Although sensory play can look just like messy fun it is much more than that. According to Kristi of Creative Connections for Kids, “messy play can be calming to children. It is not just about making a mess and getting dirty; it is an essential component to learning that encourages exploration and discovery through play.”

IMG_0663IMG_0664 Continue reading

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Overhead Projector Play

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 1.29.30 PMOne child saw another group of children working on the overhead projector. When they were finished, he went over to the projector  to create something. He started placing the pieces on the overhead and when he looked at the wall he said, “Look! I made a dinosaur.” Continue reading

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