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Colored Letters


We always find the children sticking their hands in the paint jars because they are so intrigued with the way paint feels on their hands. This week, we followed their lead and provided them with the sensory experience that their actions suggest they have been searching for.

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I Found It!

In order to introduce the children to new vocabulary words and review past vocabulary words, we created a word search.  We wrote all of the vocabulary words and a few other words on butcher paper. On cards we wrote the vocabulary words and gave them to the children. We asked them to match the words on their cards to the words on the butcher paper. Whenever they chose a word that was not on their cards they were asked, “Do those letters look like the letters on your card?” Then the students looked more closely and carefully studied each letter in each word until they found their word. “I found it! I found it!” they’d shout. Later we taped the butcher paper and the cards down on the table and provided the children with markers. The children quickly began tracing and circling the words. Continue reading

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Incorporating technology in our project work

The research on Potatoes still continues! To incorporate technology in our projects, we have added 2 computers to the classroom! The children LOVE the computers, and they are now using them to do research and create Word documents.

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Sign In Time

Another exciting way we are helping our children with their writing skills is by providing them with a daily sign in sheet in the morning! This has become an exciting morning activity, because we put a picture of the child next to their name! They just LOVE finding each other and spelling their name.  We want to invite our parents to make this a morning activity that you participate in with your child.  There is a sign in area located by the entrance to the room, please take five minutes to sign in with your child ;0)

This will help them begin to recognize each letter in their name and how it is spelled. It will also improve their writing skills tremendously!



The dry erase board is provided with their names so they can practice trying to write each letter on their own…

We have noticed the extra time that the children are spending in this area.  We are noticing writing all over the room, and the children are excited to spell everything.  We will keep you posted on the progress of our writing skills!

As the children wake up from their naps, they have sheets  with their names written on it.

It is their job to find their own name…this is placed their to see how many of them can recognize it without their picture being available!

Scribbles are  beginning to appear more like letters and they may string several of these “letters” together to form mock words. They are becoming aware of the uses for writing and may dictate words for adults to write down.

We can’t wait to show you how each child’s skills will improve along the way. ;o)

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