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Legend of Dragon Fruit Part 3

This activity is a continuation on the Legends of Dragon Fruit project we started with the Pre-K class. To see how this project began, click here.

One day we placed seaweed and kiwi on the light table next to each other. Our goal was to provoke the children into investigating their previous theory that kiwi comes from seaweed. The children observed the seaweed and kiwi closely for several minutes. Then, they began drawing images on how a kiwi grows in order to represent their thoughts and theories in a different way. (Meaning, instead of just talking about their ideas, we wanted them to visually communicate their ideas so they could deepen their understanding of the concept). Continue reading

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The Legend of Dragon Fruit, Part 2

We are currently developing the legend of the dragon fruit! Last week we examined a dragon fruit in class and all of the children asked what this strange “fruit” was. We wrote the word “dragon fruit” on the light table next to the fruit and started the exploration by sounding out the name of the food and going over the letters in it. 

This gave us an opportunity to read. To illustrate this and expand their understanding of letters, we would ask the children to think of words that sound similar to the word we were sounding out. So, for the “d” in dragon fruit, they came up with the words “dog” and “duck” because all three make the “d” sound.

After this activity, we asked the children why it’s called a dragon fruit. Their responses invoked deep level thinking and illustrated their curiosity: Continue reading

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