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Everyday nature provides us something new to explore in our outside classroom. During one of our explorations, we noticed two caterpillars. The class observed that the caterpillars were different from one another and began to inquire about the differences. Some of their thoughts and questions included:

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Butterfly Museum

Our field trip to the butterfly museum was a great success! The children truly enjoyed their time observing the butterflies and learning many new details about them. At first, the children were able to investigate and interact with the butterflies by going inside the rainforest conservatory. The direct interaction with the butterflies enhanced their curiosity and provided them with a great opportunity to explore, interact with, and develop a unique understanding of the subject of our lesson.

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Allowing the children the freedom to use paint and other materials as they choose helps their creativity and development in many ways.  Because they come when they choose, they are more engaged.  This allows for a longer period of time spent on the project, which helps with extending their attention spans.  Allowing the children to use them without adult direction opens the possibilities for creativity and learning that is developmentally appropriate for each and every child. Continue reading

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