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Continued Seed Study

Today the children used loose parts and modeling clay to reinforce their knowledge of the location of seeds in various fruits. To add more dimensions to the activity, we placed the whole fruit, seeds of each fruit, and images of the fruit in front of the children with the modeling clay. This activity focuses on the children’s retelling skills and fine motor skills.

Surprisingly, retelling isn’t a skill that comes naturally; it’s something that has to be learned. Retelling is a powerful technique for checking understanding and reviewing information. Moreover, this activity involved the children’s fine motor skills, which are the small muscles of the body that enable functions like writing, grasping small objects, and fastening clothing. Continue reading

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Seed Study

The children recently took a closer look at pineapple, pumpkin, and cucumber seeds by utilizing the light board. The seed study was inspired by several different projects, however it started with our Edible Leaf Project and Edible Seeds Project.

In order to further the study on seeds and continually develop the project, we placed thin slices of different fruit on the light table. The children loved observing the fruits and immediately began pulling all of the seeds out and lining them up on the light table. Pulling the small and barely visible seeds out from the fruit allowed the children to work on their fine motor skills and develop the muscles in their hands and fingers. After all of the visible seeds were lined up side-by-side, some children began counting them while others created drawings and sketches. Continue reading

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The Legend of Dragon Fruit, Part 2

We are currently developing the legend of the dragon fruit! Last week we examined a dragon fruit in class and all of the children asked what this strange “fruit” was. We wrote the word “dragon fruit” on the light table next to the fruit and started the exploration by sounding out the name of the food and going over the letters in it. 

This gave us an opportunity to read. To illustrate this and expand their understanding of letters, we would ask the children to think of words that sound similar to the word we were sounding out. So, for the “d” in dragon fruit, they came up with the words “dog” and “duck” because all three make the “d” sound.

After this activity, we asked the children why it’s called a dragon fruit. Their responses invoked deep level thinking and illustrated their curiosity: Continue reading

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Sweet Potato

To celebrate the fall and Thanksgiving season, the children had an opportunity to explore sweet potatoes! We wanted to expose them to several forms of sweet potatoes, so we boiled the potatoes, cut them in half, and served them to the children.

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Papaya and Broccoli

For our Friday food exploration activity with the infant class, the children explored and experimented with Papaya and Broccoli! They loved the sweet taste of the papaya and thoroughly enjoyed digging their hands and fingernails inside the middle of the fruit and playing with the dark colored seeds.

The broccoli was an entirely different sensory experience for them. The infants stared intently at the broccoli trees at first, and eventually began nibbling on the bushy green top. It was interesting to observe the children rub the smooth papaya over their gums and then gently nibble the textured broccoli. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 3.57.32 PM Continue reading

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