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Thank you to all the families that brought in beets for the class exploration! We used them in a variety of ways throughout the past few weeks.

Using fresh fruit and vegetables in the classroom allows the children to become familiar with all of their characteristics. They become familiar with the names of the fruit/vegetable, they learn how to eat it, how to grow it, as well as concepts that support literacy and mathematics. It’s during this familiarization that picky eaters start expanding their palates and trying different foods.

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Green Eggs and Ham

In honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, our Kindergarten group, aka, Earth group (third planet from the sun, our third group to join our elementary) celebrated by cooking Green Eggs and Ham for their Food as a Language.

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Exploring Celery+Color

Recently the children have showed interest in water and what water can do. We incorporated this interest for water into our food exploration using celery and food coloring.

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Beets-We Make it like Paint

The children have continued their exploration with beets. We wanted to extend this learning experience of food, and so we juiced beets. Beet juice is very vibrant in color and would serve as great material for painting. Using beet juice that we’d juiced that morning, we provided the children with the beet juice paint and long pieces of butcher paper on the light table.

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As they painted we discussed the characteristics of the beet juice paint. One child was asked what color the paint was to which they replied, “Red!” When asked if it was a dark red or a light red all of the children replied “Dark!”   They were asked to smell the paint and to explain what it smelled like, one child said, “It smells like beets”. The children also explained the process it took for us to make the paint. One of the children even noticed small particles of beets appearing on their paper as they painted. As a result all of the children began to paint more carefully paying close attention to every brushstroke they made to closely examine these particles.

Photo Mar 20, 3 08 39 PMPhoto Mar 20, 3 08 44 PMPhoto Mar 20, 3 25 53 PM

As they began to paint, many images evolved, and descriptions of their work was talked about.  The children painted all sorts of things like big trucks, clocks, and even big snow monsters. Painting provides the incentive children need to be successful in all aspects of life. Children who paint learn to think with an open mind, to look at situations creatively. They learn to express themselves more deeply through their art and their words. This provocation gave the children the freedom to document their thoughts without a predetermined technique in mind.

Photo Mar 20, 3 25 59 PMPhoto Mar 20, 3 26 09 PM (HDR)

When given a blank canvas (metaphorically speaking) the options are endless and sometimes can make one hesitant, not knowing where to begin or what decision to make. The children’s willingness to paint with beet juice demonstrates their openness to try something new and their ability to make decisions as they drew. They are developing stronger decision-making skills while learning how to express and analyze their thoughts through a tangible medium!

“I used to draw like Raphael. But it has taken me a life time to draw like a child.”



Reference and additional reading:

The Value of Art for the Preschool Child

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House Room Beets

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