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Rosemary Play Dough

Last week, the children were introduced to sensory bottles which, in this case, were bottles filled with herbs and spices like cinnamon and rosemary. Gabby, our Food as a Language atelierista, made the bottles to engage the children’s sense of smell. The experience was a hit, and although the children cannot talk, they spent time smelling and reacting to the array of scents.

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Food as a Language: Pizza


During this week’s food exploration, the children were asked if they wanted to make something sweet (like the food explorations we have done in the past) or make something salty. We have been discussing different tastes with the children (salty, sweet, bitter, savory), so this served as a continuation of our discussion. The majority of the students wanted to make a salty food, then as a group, the students decided on pizza.

At the beginning of our food exploration, the students were first asked to describe each material and what order they should be used in. After discussing, the children drew each step, and then we counted how many steps it would take to make our pizza. Discussing the planning and process of making a pizza is important so that each child feels empowered that their voice is heard and helps to further their understanding of the topic by speaking about it out loud (and hearing their peers speak about the topic at hand). Continue reading

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