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Fall Festival Costumes

The elementary school just celebrated our fall festival this past Friday. Since we have been studying planets, we asked the students if they could tell us one thing they have learned during their study on space that they personally found interesting. After a thoughtful conversation, this topic sparked an idea to create costumes inspired by their study on space.

Our goal with this activity was to push their creativity to and to have them think about and represent the characteristics of planets and space.

Some of the costumes they created were as follows:  Continue reading

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Edible Leaf Project

We’ve been exploring how some leaves are edible and some leaves aren’t edible. The children are learning how to tell which leaves you can and cannot eat, the names of the ones we can eat, the health factor, taste, color, texture, and more!

In order to express our knowledge in different ways, we made a kale smoothie for our weekly recipe. Parents brought in leaves we can eat (like spinach, kale, yam leaves) and leaves we can’t digest (like vines and leaves from house plants).

In the beginning, we placed all of the leaves on the light table to observe the leaves themselves and then to compare them to each other. Continue reading

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Solar System Exploration

This past Monday we started the day off by watching a National Geographic Kids video. The video demonstrates how plants orbit around the sun and briefly described the characteristics of each planet. Questions raised by the video were used as journal prompts to encourage individual research. 

Later on in the day, a handful of the students decided to draw visual representations of the entire solar system. Their desire to represent their knowledge in a different way, or “language,” is something we strive for at Little Wonders.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 1.42.58 PM Continue reading

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