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Making Patterns

The ability to identify “what comes next” in the rhythm of a song, a group of numbers or a daily routine is rooted in the understanding of patterns. Learning how to predict or create a pattern is an important tool that helps allow individuals to makes sense of the world around them.

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Colored Tiles

For this activity we wanted the children to experience sound and color while having fun with math. The teachers placed a variety of colored tiles inside a large water tray and placed it on top of the light table. This allowed the tiles to illuminate under the water and enticed the children to practice their counting. Continue reading

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Studying Math + Leaves

To continue our leaf study we conducted a math lab with leaves that we found outside on the playground. We drew ten boxes outside with sidewalk chalk. We then numbered each box from one to ten and asked the students to count the boxes. We asked the children to choose a number and then encouraged them to find and place that number of leaves in their square. Continue reading

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Pineapple & Raspberry Parfaits

Summer School Children:

We were in for a treat one day when a child surprised everyone and brought a pineapple to class! It’s amazing to see reactions to the kids as they held, touched, and smelled the pineapple. They all immediately recognized it, but few have had the opportunity to feel the texture of it for themselves.

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Allowing the children the freedom to use paint and other materials as they choose helps their creativity and development in many ways.  Because they come when they choose, they are more engaged.  This allows for a longer period of time spent on the project, which helps with extending their attention spans.  Allowing the children to use them without adult direction opens the possibilities for creativity and learning that is developmentally appropriate for each and every child. Continue reading

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