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Colored Letters


We always find the children sticking their hands in the paint jars because they are so intrigued with the way paint feels on their hands. This week, we followed their lead and provided them with the sensory experience that their actions suggest they have been searching for.

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Color Mixing

The children have been mixing paint to create new colors. Every morning we make new paint for our easels and during this time the children often ask us what colors we can mix to make different colors. Given their increased interest in colors and mixing colors, we took this opportunity to encourage the children to explore the art of color mixing!

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Exploring the Color Red

The children have been exploring different colors and one week the color study was red. In one of their many projects throughout the week with the color Red, the children participated in an art with sound activity. In this activity the children created an art piece at the same time they created sounds. As a result this provocation served as a very creative sensory experience for them. Continue reading

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Lego Stamps

The children have showed interest in Lego’s and what they can create from them.  We laid out the Legos on the table; the big pile was immediately an attention grabber for the children. We set out tubs that were different colors for them to sort them in and the children instantly knew what to do. Continue reading

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Patterns + Peers

We recently had a parent bring in shredded snake skin and we tied this into our hard and soft exploration. The children described the snake skin as soft and bumpy as they took a closer look at the snake skin through a magnifying glass at the light table. This is where they discovered a pattern on the snake’s skin which they identified as line, oval, line oval, etc. This led us to introducing patterns to the children from the snake skin observation. Continue reading

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