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Exploring Celery+Color

Recently the children have showed interest in water and what water can do. We incorporated this interest for water into our food exploration using celery and food coloring.

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Sensory Exploration + Bubble Wrap

Sensory exploration is a toddler’s way of examining, discovering, categorizing and making sense of the world. The toddlers in the rainbow room used paint for a sensory exploration with bubble wrap. We provided the children bubble wrap with blue and yellow paint. Continue reading

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Exploring Motion with Paint and Trains

Recently, the children have been exploring the motion of trains. We set out a long sheet of butcher paper and dabs of tempera paint on the sides. Leaving the trains in the middle, each child grabbed a train dipped in the paint and started going around the table in a path.

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Sensory Play + Environment

At Little Wonders and The School of Wonders the environment is the third teacher, it is a living and constantly changing system that influences the child’s thoughts and feelings. In an effort to promote a Reggio Emilia inspired environment, we are making a branch chandelier using beads from this project.
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Mixing Color with Cars

The children love to use cars, imitate the different sounds of cars, and speak about cars.  We set up a provocation for them with cars. It provided them with paint in primary colors, cars, and a round table with butcher paper to see what they would do. With a Reggio Emilia based curriculum, the learning experience is not organized the same way as a traditional teacher-led classroom where the teacher plans activities ahead of time. The Reggio learning environment is designed in such fashion that the curriculum is developed through the children’s interests.  The expressive arts are heavily integrated into the program to demonstrate cognitive, social, and language development. In this provocation we observed the children’s interest in cars, which led us to pursue their inquiries further by incorporating loose parts materials such as primary colors and paper with the cars. Continue reading

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