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Hand Study

Since we compared the butterfly anatomy to the human anatomy we noticed the children were talking about their hands. To nurture their conversation, we provided the children with markers and covered the table with a large white sheet of paper. We then encouraged the children study the palms of their hands. This was a challenge for the children because while we know the children may look at their hands often, we don’t know if the children have ever noticed the lines on our palms.

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Thank you to all the families that brought in beets for the class exploration! We used them in a variety of ways throughout the past few weeks.

Using fresh fruit and vegetables in the classroom allows the children to become familiar with all of their characteristics. They become familiar with the names of the fruit/vegetable, they learn how to eat it, how to grow it, as well as concepts that support literacy and mathematics. It’s during this familiarization that picky eaters start expanding their palates and trying different foods.

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Pineapple Study

Recently we studied pineapples. This study began while we were exploring golden beets. We set up the pineapples at the light table so that the children could observe and explore. What came from this simple setup was interesting and unique. The children were given black sharpies and white paper to create the pineapple fruit. While the children were exploring and creating they noticed the shapes and patterns on the outside of the pineapple. The children debated about the small leaves on the outside of it. Some of the children believed they were spots while others believed they were stripes. Continue reading

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Food as a Language: Bok-Choy

To continue our food as a language exploration we explored the Bok-Choy vegetable. As we let our children explore different types of foods we provide them the chance to broaden their horizons in order to encourage healthier eating habits for the future. Continue reading

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Moon Painting

The children have had a fascination with the moon lately, so we have put a plastic moon in the classroom.  The children painted their own moons and the results were incredible! This provocation involved a variety of languages, starting with the Spanish word for moon, and then enhancing the toddler’s investigation by letting the children paint their own moons with white paint onto black paper.

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