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Creating the Alphabet out of Clay

Lately, we’ve been furthering our study of the alphabet in our summer school program by creating upper and lower case letters out of clay. In addition to furthering our study on the shapes and sounds of letters, the children were given a unique opportunity to form the shape of letters with their hands – to actually create the shape, not just write it in or not match it up, but create it. (This activity directly contrasts worksheets that we are all too familiar with: worksheets that instruct the children to write the shape perfectly with their pencil, not allowing marks outside the lines.) Continue reading

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Sign In Time

Another exciting way we are helping our children with their writing skills is by providing them with a daily sign in sheet in the morning! This has become an exciting morning activity, because we put a picture of the child next to their name! They just LOVE finding each other and spelling their name.  We want to invite our parents to make this a morning activity that you participate in with your child.  There is a sign in area located by the entrance to the room, please take five minutes to sign in with your child ;0)

This will help them begin to recognize each letter in their name and how it is spelled. It will also improve their writing skills tremendously!



The dry erase board is provided with their names so they can practice trying to write each letter on their own…

We have noticed the extra time that the children are spending in this area.  We are noticing writing all over the room, and the children are excited to spell everything.  We will keep you posted on the progress of our writing skills!

As the children wake up from their naps, they have sheets  with their names written on it.

It is their job to find their own name…this is placed their to see how many of them can recognize it without their picture being available!

Scribbles are  beginning to appear more like letters and they may string several of these “letters” together to form mock words. They are becoming aware of the uses for writing and may dictate words for adults to write down.

We can’t wait to show you how each child’s skills will improve along the way. ;o)

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Preschool Alphabet

As children develop better control over the muscles in their hands and fingers, their scribbles begin to change and become more controlled.  We are noticing repeated marks on their papers – open circles, diagonal, curved, horizontal and vertical lines.  The children are creating their own alphabet! ;0)

We are at the point in our development where the children are expressing a difference in writing and drawing when they describe their work.  We want to provide as many opportunities in the classroom to encourage development in these skills.  This is an important step toward reading and writing.

One of the new materials in our class is the “post it notes”!  The children LOVE these and we are putting them in new places every week to encourage more writing.    We can now look at the post its and find the same marks on them, helping us to determine which child is responsible for the marks.  It truly is becoming a new “alphabet”!


























We have provided many other opportunities to improve our reading and writing skills.  Take a look in our room and speak with the teachers to see all of the exciting things that are going on!

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