Summer project: Sewing Purses

Some of the girls in our Kindergarten and First Grade summer school program are showing an interest in sewing. Our job is to facilitate the children’s learning by planning activities and lessons based on the child’s interests, so we started sewing!

We started by creating a pattern out of newspaper. We discussed the “engineering” behind sewing while measuring and planning specific proportions and writing it down on newspaper.

241 242 243

Next, we became acquainted with the sewing machine. We discussed a needle, thread, seams, bobbin, how to operate the foot pedal, and what to do in order to combine the two materials together. Below are images of the children using the sewing machines all by themselves.

233 234

The final product! Each child created their own design for a purse using various materials, patterns and styles. What do you think?

248 249 250 251 253

Another child took this project a step further and researched sewing books to find other items to make. She discovered this image and created pom-poms for a caterpillar.

247 237


The children demonstrated creative thinking, planning, problem solving, and a willingness to learn and teach. Their desire to gain knowledge and create constantly inspires us to provide them with more opportunity.  Following their lead opens the door to so many more possibilities than if we teachers planed something ourselves.

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