Summer Programs 2015

Over the course of the summer, Little Wonders and School of Wonders will be holding two different programs, Creating A City For Wildlife and The Science and Art of Storytelling. Bird Program

Creating A City For Wildlife is a program created by our director Maryam Lumpkin and local farmer, Mike, that will further enhance knowledge and awareness of social and science topics that are currently happening in our environment. The program is available for children ages 4 and up.

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Our other program, The Science and Art of Storytelling, is being held by School of Wonders. The program will allow the children to explore the study of frequencies and wave forms in music with the integration of literacy, art, and physics. The children will be working closely with the classroom teachers, the atelieristas, and audio engineer to create their own films composed of their soundtracks and visual narratives which will be shown at an end of the summer viewing party. The Science and Art of Storytelling is available for children ages 5 and up that have completed one year of elementary education.

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Along with the summer programs, Yellow House Atelier will be holding a seven week art program, The Story Behind A Totem Pole. Students will be invited to understand the history of totem poles and then create their own story to tell based on factual or fictional imagery. Classes will be offered Monday through Thursday for one hour a week. For more information, please visit or speak with Marjon, Dandee, or Meredith.
Registration is now open for all of the summer programs.
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