Using our Sensory Skills

Yesterday afternoon, the children discovered a big picture of an alligator on the door! They were touching the alligator’s teeth and saying “OW! OW! OW!” The children were saying that the alligator was hungry. When we asked them what alligators eat, they had a bunch of ideas!

Aven: “Water!”
London: “Crackers!”
Gemma: “People!”
Zoey: “He got scary eyes and a big nose that bites a boy!”
Alexander: “They eat food!”

 We watched a video about alligators so that we could learn more about alligators and understand their nature. We learned that they can run really fast, and jump really high. We also learned that they live in the swamps. And finally, we learned that alligators eat fish and turtles, and they love meat! 

This morning we asked them where alligators live. Zoey said, “The pond,” and Chase said, “In the muddy water!” The children remembered that alligators are reptiles and they run fast and jump high.  They also drew pictures of fish, turtles, and meat to feed the alligator.

They are becoming more familiar with some animals and their natural habitat. This is helping with some science skills as they form hypotheses and research their animals.  This also helps with some reading skills as they read and watch movies then comprehend what they’ve learned.






We have also provided the children with flour, rice, beans, egg shells, and play-dough in their sensory area. They were pouring the flour, placing the rice and beans in the dough, and carefully breaking the egg shells. Then they would serve their friends, and pretend to eat it! The children said they were making rice and beans.

                Next week, the children will cook rice and beans for lunch.  We will talk to them about what they want in their rice and beans, and provide a list of ingredients.

This morning, Jack brought limes to the classroom. We cut them up and each child got their own lime. They were very interested in smelling, tasting, and squeezing the limes. The children weren’t very familiar with the sour taste, so most of them declared they didn’t like it, but they would not stop eating the limes. ;-P

We’d like to continue this project so that we can incorporate smelling and tasting in our classroom. With this, we can help develop the children’s senses and help them recognize and become familiar with what they smell or taste. We encourage parents’ cooperation. Please bring an item such as lemons or mint to help with our study of smells and taste!

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