Flowers and Tomatoes

Well, remember our flower project!  We are still deeply involved in flowers, however, Elena has added tomatoes in the mix! ;0)

When the children were picking what color flower they were going to bring, she said, “tomato”!  And what is even better is that her mother brought a tomato!!!  We are so thrilled!  So on our table we have many different flowers, and one big, red, tomato!


Before we began our “tomato investigation” we had to let the butterflies taste them!

And then we got ready to analyze the tomato!


We looked at the tomato and this is what the children said,

Jake, Alexander, Jackson  “It is an apple”

Zoey “It is an orange”

Aven “It is a tomoato”

Where do tomatoes grow?

Aven “From flowers”

What should we do with the tomato?

Jake “We are gonna put it in the garden”

What does it smell like?

Jake “an apple?

Aven “a tomato”

What is inside the tomato?

Zoey “little apples”

Alex “seeds”

Jake “I don’t know”

We took turns holding, feeling and smelling the tomato. 

We opened up the tomato and saw seeds inside!  We sliced it and let the children taste it.  Jake and Aven ate most of it :0)

When we asked what it tasted like, they said “SALAD”!

When we asked what it tasted like, they said “SALAD”!

So we are going to make a salad on Friday.  When we asked the children what is going in the salad this is what they said:

Alexander – apples

Aven – crackers

Alexandra – Kofta

Christian – salt

Jack – tutu’s

Zoey – yellow yogurt

Jake – Pirates Booty

From our conversation, we could see that it is not really clear to our class what a salad is ;0)  So we printed a picture of a salad and this is what they said we needed after they looked at the picture:


“lettuce, tomatoes and olives”

We are off to making a salad at the end of the week!

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