Experimenting with Light and Darkness & Making Pancakes

The children are experimenting with darkness and light.

In the hallway, they’ve been drawing with highlights under the black light. They love to see their drawings glow. :-)  This is an exciting way to encourage the children to write and draw.  They spend long periods of time here excited at what the glowing marks look like and what their final creations become……….

We’ve made a “tunnel” out of the house in our classroom.  We covered the top with a black sheet.  The children enter the “tunnel” with their flashlights and look in the mirrors.  Some of the boys became excited and said, “The cars go in the tunnel too”!  Of course we followed their lead and provided them with a basket of cars.  They used the flashlights and cars to play in our “tunnel”.  Some children are leery of the dark hiding spot, and others enjoy it.  This was a good experience for the children.  They played so well together, used their imaginations, and experimented with the darkness and lights……

One of our goals is to help the children become familiar with light, shadows, and the dark.  We are asking questions like…   What is dark/light? Where does light come from? What comes form darkness/light?

This provokes them to be curious, investigate and experiment with these elements.

Aside from this project, we are perfecting our cooking skills!  We are doing so well with our cooking project that we are incorporating it weekly.

On Friday we made Chocolate Chip Pancakes! We measured, poured, and mixed our ingredients. They measured and counted how many ingredients were in the mixtures, and then we counted how many pancakes we needed. The children were using their fine motor skills and their math skills to complete this cooking project. This is helping their addition/subtraction, one-to-one correspondence, and concentration as well as training for hand eye coordination.

They were extremely tasty, but the fun did not stop there!  We believe in teaching the children as many skills as possible throughout the day, so we CLEAN UP after ourselves as well.  They washed their bowls and helped clean up the room and take the larger dishes to the kitchen! They are learning independence through cooking their own meals and cleaning their own dishes.

Everyday we have a meeting to talk about the day of the week, the month, and anything else that comes up about these topics.  Our goal is to familiarize the children with these concepts so that they will be ready for their daily journal in the next classroom.

During calender time, we also talked about the next upcoming birthdays and we counted the remaining days until Alexander and Jacob’s birthday. We also talked about the  day of the week and the month of they year. They are getting better with this, as they know this month is August and the day of week.

This helps with their math skills such as addition/subtractions and on-to-one correspondence, social skills, and reading/writing. Our goals is for the children to be able to understand and say the date. Eventually they will be able to write it down as well! Parents are encouraged to practice this at home too!

Parents, please make sure to read our room memo on the morning routine and signing in with your child.  We would really appreciate your involvement in this activity ;0)

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