Cinnamon Rolls,Pancakes and Potatoes

On Friday, we made cinnamon rolls! The children measured, mixed and poured the ingredients, then baked them in the oven. They enjoyed using their fine motor skills and math skills to complete this process. The children counted the ingredients, cups, and teaspoons. We talked about all of the ingredients as we poured them, and tasted the dough and fillings.  They mixed the dough and  counted the time until they were done.

Our cooking projects are initialized in the sensory area, where they use their fine motor skills as well as their sensory skills. With that, the project continues while using some math skills, such as measuring, time-telling, and counting.

When they were finally finished, the children loved the cinnamon rolls and wanted more, more, more! ;-0

This week, we are making pancakes! We had dough, salt shakers filled with sand and glitter, and broken egg shells. They were breaking them and using the salt shakers.  The children said they were “cracking the eggs in the pancakes”; they rolled it flat and sprinkled glitter on top!

The children planted potatoes! They counted how many potatoes they had, and they dug three holes in the ground. They placed the potatoes in the ground and buried them. They are excited to see what grows. They will water them every day during their outside time and watch their potato plants grow.  With this, they will be able to learn about biology and have an introduction to photosynthesis. They will also come to learn that vegetables grow from the ground and will be able to identify the vegetables in their gardens. 

We have began decorating the window in their classroom.  The children helped name each room in our building, and they wanted this classroom to be known as the “Red Room”.  The children have tied beads to a string and the string to a stick. They have a “red area” in the classroom where they can continue this project. Here, they have talked about the color red, counted beads and pipe cleaners, and tied them all together. We will continue to hang their red artwork in the window! 😀

The children enjoy working at the light table. They use colored blocks and sticks to build with their imagination and they spend plenty of time doing so. During this time, they count their blocks, stack them high, line them up, and piece them together. They are using their concentration skills and some math skills such as counting and shapes. While they are using imaginative play, and this helps with their social skills and language development.

This week during calendar time, the children learned that today is the first day of August! Then we talked about the upcoming birthdays and counted the remaining days. Next week is Perrin’s birthday! The children all decided to make Perrin a chocolate birthday cake.

Calendar time is helping with their observational skills and language development as the children are coming to an understanding about the time of the year and are able to say the date. This also helps with math skills such as counting and one-to-one correspondence as well as adding and subtracting as they are counting the numbers of days in a month and how many days are left until their friends’ birthday!

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