Using our Wood Working Skills

One of the new areas added in our room was a wood working area. The boys instantly wanted to go there after seeing the materials that were provided….


Before picking up some nails and a hammer, we went over some safety rules about how to use a hammer!

The teachers showed the boys the best way to hold a nail, and as they worked together they did a great job being very careful and holding the nail properly.






The boys were able to use strength with the hammer as they hammered away along with grasping this small object in between their fingers…







As the boys were doing this, one of the girls walked over and watched with joy for about 15 minutes before she asked to join in on this fun…she concetrated quietly as she decided she would try this on her own…

Some of the children ¬†were having trouble keeping the nail in so the children decided to cheer one of our students on while they banged on the table together and yelled, “harder,harder, harder!”

This motivated him to get that nail in, and he did JUST that! :)






After getting all their nails perfectly put into place, they began grabbing the blue yarn provided and carefully started wrapping it around different nails…









They worked on learning how to make knots, to keep the yarn wrapped around the nails…

Later on in the day when the boys returned to this area, they worked together to count how many nails they hammered into the wood…


They counted 7!

So they began working on their one-to-one corrospondence as they drew 7 nails and a rectangle for the piece of wood!!



We also wrote the number 7 and learned how to spell NAIL!

This was an activity the children enjoyed where they took the lead on everything they did and made their own decisions about what to do next!


By: Benjamin R.

By: Jonathan Z.

By: Aidan M.

By: Roberto

This activity focoused on the children working on:

  • fine motor skills
  • eye coordination
  • one to one corrospondence
  • sounding out the word “nail” and spelling it


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