Ferris wheel Fun

Along with starting projects on measuring because of playing in the dress up area, we now want to learn all about Ferris wheels too!

The project began when the students were playing in the dress up area and talking about who would ride the Ferris wheel first!








One of the students grabbed a clipboard and started making a list of the order after asking each child how to spell their name!

After the list was made, we all sat together to draw a picture of a Ferris wheel and show our teachers and friends what it looks like. We also wrote the word, “FERRIS WHEEL”.

We began a group discussion all about Ferris wheels so we can see what we know and what we would like to learn….

As a school influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach, we believe in the importance of allowing the children to communicate their thoughts and theories using materials as “languages”.  By looking at these drawings, we are able to tap into the thoughts of what the children hold of Ferris wheels.  We appreciate the differences in each drawing.  Each is unique, as each child has his/her own image of what a Ferris wheel is.

We use these drawings, or any of their other “languages”, to help us develop curriculum based on what the children are showing us that they know and do not know about a subject.

 By:Amanda and Alexandra



 By:Camille and Clarke




Some questions that were discussed:

  1. What is a Ferris wheel?
  2. How do Ferris wheels work?
  3. What do people use to make a Ferris wheel?
  4. How many seats are on a Ferris wheel?
  5. Where can you find a Ferris wheels?

We sat down and drew pictures of how many seats we think a Ferris wheel has…After drawing the seats we numbered them..


 By:Ella and Taylor



Then we wanted to make our own Ferris wheel in the classroom with 13 seats!

It took us a while to figure out the “13 seater Ferris wheel”, because we put too many seats! We counted 20 instead of 13, so we took time to take some away, and finally we counted 13!

The children were given the opportunity to take as much time needed to get to 13 seats.  The process of them counting more than 13, and figuring out how many to take away was an important process that the children were able to participate in.  It was a subtraction problem that they were able to “live” rather than learn sitting behind a desk.

And after all of that hard work…….we were able to hop onto our Ferris wheel ride! ;-D

We will continue to research the answers to our questions. We would like to create our own Ferris wheel at school, we encourage the parents to bring in any materials from home they you think we can use for our project!

Learning Goals Achieved:

  • Able to make 1 to 1 correspondents
  • Utilizing phonemes in order to create words. Spelling and reading the words we have written
  • Each Kindergartner is encouraged to write independently each day.
    • Creative expressions/performance. The student expresses ideas through original artworks, using a variety of media with appropriate skill. The student is expected to: Create artworks, using a variety of colors, forms, and lines.
    • Develop manipulative skills when drawing, painting, printmaking, and constructing artworks, using a variety of materials
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