Angry Birds: What do we need to make a slingshot?

Since Preston brought this slingshot in from home, we just had to set up our game and see how this slingshot works…

The boys worked together to create the game the way they wanted to…We had a few disagreements as to where particular pieces went, but we worked through them as a team!






This is the end result to the creation of our very own Angry Birds! It almost looks exactly like the game to us! =)




After creating our chart with each child’s name on it to keep track of points, we made a line to take turns and begin the game…..

The children were having problems on how many times to go and everyone wanted to use the sling shot all at the same time!

The teachers asked the children, what we could do to fix this problem and make sure everyone was happy?

The boys told us, “We can all make our very own slingshot, so everyone has one!!”

What a great idea….

The next day before we started Experiment #2, Bishop brought in a slingshot that he made at home with his dad! He told us he used a tree branch and a rubber band! Then he showed us just how well it worked!






Before we began  making the slingshots, we drew pictures of what a slingshot looked like. We also wrote a sentence to describe it.

While the boys were drawing I asked them a few questions:

What is a slingshot?

  • Looks like their is a line down straight, and 2 lines go to the side.-Bishop
  • Something that Indians use.-Preston

What does a slingshot do?

  • It pulls the bird and flies it.
  • Something that Indians use to get their food.-Preston

The children told us, they needed to use rope! We brought our many different types of rope…

We asked the children, “Does rope stretch.” Some said it did while others said it didn’t.  We decided to do an experiment to find out! We grabbed a measuring tape along with a rubber band…

When the children began measuring all the ropes they tried to pull it to see if it would stretch but they began to realize it wouldn’t. So we grabbed the rubber band..

Ms.Maryam pulled and pulled! It was stretching!

We asked the children what does stretching mean?

  • Pulling apart something and it makes it far apart.
  • If you pull it on the bird it goes far x3 and you can hit the wall.
  • Like stretching outside with Coach Chip!

After this experiment, we asked the boys what we needed to make a slingshot?!

  • rubberbands
  • wood
  • saw
  • paint

“The slingshot is big.”-Ahnaf 


“Sling shots pull angry birds back so they can fly.”-Musa

“The red angry bird is in the slingshot.”-Samuel

“The slingshots are full of birds.”-Luke

By: Aidan

“The bomb bird pulled the slingshot back.”-Bishop

“The slingshot throws Angry Birds.”-Christian

By: Noah


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